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Rafinerija nafte AD, Brod  |   Project overhaul of the new line of oil refining RNB-Modernization of system accompanying heating , section 31,32,35 RNB-Sandvick RNB-Installing the DCS and ESD systems in NLP RNB-cables and JB on sections 30, 32, 50 and 92 RNB-cables and JB on sections 31 RNB-Accompanying heating , section 50, 53, 56 i 92 RNB-Companion heating sections 30 and 32 RNB-Modernization ESD&DCS systems and Revitalization I&C, section 34 RNB-Local automatic system for calculation resources (LASUR) ViKB-MR Revitalization of equipment RNB-System soot blower on the furnace 31-F-01 & 02 - GIO RNB-AVR in P-20 Additional work on NLP II RNB- Workmanship project of built design for LASUR MPKD-installation of electrical equipment in the NN cabinet transformer station